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Related post: Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 17:11:00 -0700 From: Adrienne Subject: RaymondRaymondby AdrienneThis story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. nymphet anal This story also nymphets nude gallery contains nudity, and descriptions of sexual behavior between two underaged boys. If you are uncomfortable reading such literature, or are not permitted to do so by the laws of your state, then please cease reading this material; the author will not be held responsible for your actions.If you have any comments about this story, teens art nymphets please send them to:adrienne.c17gmail.comNo flames, spam or sexual e-mails, please! The author is not interested in forming a relationship via this site, and only wishes to receive feedback about the writing.* * *One cool October evening, Matthew was to be found making final nymphets video free preparations for a slumber party. His parents and younger brother were going to a town a few hours away, to attend a sport's event. Matthew's Mom and Dad had said he could invite a friend to stay the night, if free nymphet models pictures he wanted. Surprised by the offer, Matthew hadn't hesitated for even a moment about the question of whom to invite. Matthew had been crushing on Raymond for over a month now. There was no one with whom he would rather spend a whole night alone. The opportunity was too thrilling to nymphetz pass up.His parents didn't know yet how he felt about Raymond, so it was "totally okay" for Matthew to be inviting him over. (Obviously, his parents thought they were litle naked nymphets nothing more than friends).I'll change that soon enough, with any luck, Matthew thought, as he finished nymphet teen tgp setting the table.The doorbell fetish innertube asiannymphets rang, and Matthew nearly jumped out of his skin. The container of Take-Out Chinese food he had been carrying slipped from his hand. Luckily, it landed safely on the kitchen table.Matthew raced to the door, then checked himself and slowed down. Before opening the door, Matthew snatched a spoon from the immaculately set table, and gazed critically at his reflection. A handsome face nymphets scan topped with brown hair was reflected back; the brown eyes looked especially hungry, concupiscent nymphet beach and inquisitive. Matthew unnecessarily straightened a lock of hair, and smoothed a non-existent wrinkle in his faded T-Shirt. He suddenly ls nymphets series wondered if he was dressed right. Were his T's and jeans not right for this situation? nymphette nue Did they indicate that he thought this was casual, unimportant? But what should he wear, then?He started to panic.The doorbell rang again. The spoon clattered to the floor as Matthew, even more flustered now, ran to the door and pulled it open."Sorry, I ..." Matthew began, then stopped, just staring at Raymond.Ray looked even hotter than usual, nymphets magic angels if possible. He had on a dashing Polo shirt with a button-up collar, and artfully ripped designer jeans that accentuated his graceful hips and firm butt. His sexy blond hair was brushed back impeccably, and his bright blue eyes sparkled in his handsome, flawless face.Matthew gawked nymphets srx for a second, then recovered. "Hi," he managed."Hi," Ray returned, smiling a little uncertainly."Come on in," Matthew invited, stepping back.Ray entered Matthew's house, and Matthew shut the door behind him."Um, thanks for coming," Matthew said, a touch awkwardly pics nymphets childs himself. Where was the bubbly Ray when you needed him?"Thanks for inviting me," Ray said vivaciously."No problem," Matthew responded, leading the way to the kitchen. magic nymphet pics "I have Chinese food for dinner, if you're hungry," he offered, blushing just a little. "I thought of Chinese because of how much fun I had when we hung out after Drama that one day. We ate at that little restaurant by the school, remember?"Raymond smiled genuinely. Even his teeth are sexy, Matthew's inner voice gasped. "That was great, wasn't it?" Raymond said in his deep drawl.Matthew nodded enthusiastically, and led Raymond over to the table. Together, they ate and drank. The talk turned to Drama and mutual friends; gradually, both boys began to relax, and to feel less inhibited by the one-on-one interaction. It was as though they were back at school, but not."I have ice cream for dessert," Matthew said."I'm mad about ice cream!" Ray cried jubilantly. "What kind is it?""Vanilla.""My favorite," beamed Ray.Matthew withdrew the carton japan nymphets loita from the refrigerator (he'd put it there to keep it cool, but not frozen, so that they could eat it right away). Matthew put a large dollop into a bowl and handed it to Ray, along with a spoon. nymphet angel slut As he passed over the bowl, Matthew accidentally-on-purpose allowed his fingers to dance across ls nymphets stars the back of Raymond's hand. It felt warm and silky to the touch.Matthew looked up just in time to meet Ray's gaze. Ray was staring at him, a hundred questions flickering in his animated blue eyes. He seemed to read Matthew's expression, because he japan nymphet model smiled, a beautiful smile which seemed to light up his entire face.Matthew was melting about as fast as the tub of ice cream he was clutching in his left hand. Hastily, he spooned himself a bowlful, and shoved the carton back into the freezer.At last, both boys were seated. Matthew sweet 14 nymphet watched Ray stick his spoon into the sizable mound of ice cream. A sphere of the ambrosial vanilla delicacy was resting in the bowl of the spoon. Ray looked up at Matthew then, and their eyes locked intimately for the second time that evening. Then, to Matthew's surprise, Ray's hand, still holding the spoon, extended across the table. The spoon floated just inches away from Matthew's lips. Matthew looked incredulously up at Ray, unable to believe his good luck."Come on," Ray coaxed, a smile playing around the corners of his mouth.Matthew parted his lips, and Ray guided the spoon between them. Matthew devoured the ice cream, but it wasn't really ice cream he was thinking about. A slight sigh escaped him as his mind played a verboten film behind his partly-closed eyes.Ray winked. "That sex child nymphets was fun." He looked questioningly at Matthew, who could only gaze back, totally lost in his daydream. Then, just as suddenly, Matthew understood what Ray was implicating with his steadfast, somewhat lewd look. Matthew shoved his own spoon into his bowl, and filled it with ice cream. Then, he reached his hand across the table. His spoon hovered in front of Ray's slightly opened lips.Matthew waited young nymphettes galleries for a moment, moving the spoon tantalizingly and caressing Ray's lips with his eyes. Ray opened his mouth little nymphets dark collection wider, and underage nymphets models lovely nymphets art Matthew aimed the spoon inside. Ray's eyes closed in ecstasy as he lapped up the ice cream. Matthew wondered vaguely if the same film was playing in Ray's head. Dare he hope?He watched Ray's lips roll languidly over his teeth. He watched Ray's nimble tongue seductively licking the vanilla horny little nymphs from his mouth. He inwardly fainted.The boys continued feeding one another ice cream until both bowls nymphets in pantyhose were empty."You forum nymphet have a little ice virgin nymphets tgp cream on your chin," Ray told Matthew, a porno underage nymphets smile gracing his lips.Matthew grabbed a napkin and started awkwardly wiping at his face."You're missing it," Ray laughed. He got up, walked around until he stood next to Matthew, and then reached out tiny nymphete pics with a finger. He rubbed at a smudge on Matthew's chin. Matthew barely restrained himself from gushing "Ahhh!"Ray, in turn, appraised his handiwork shrewdly. "It's kind of dried." He unhesitatingly child nymphet sex stuck his finger into his own almost-empty water angle bbs nymphets underage glass, and then reached back over to Matthew's face again.The sensation of Raymond's moist finger on his face nearly drove Matthew into a paroxysm of lust and desire. A gasp of longing burst from Matthew's throat. Unable to hold himself back any longer, Matthew nymphet top50 reached up with both hands, xxx nymphet pics and drew Ray to him nymphet model links girl by the shoulders, passionate with need. Ray's muscular arms under the nymphet young asian power of Matthew's firm underage nymphet but sensual grip was incredibly, irresistibly amative."Let's go to the couch," Ray suggested, somewhat huskily. He took Matthew gently by the hand, and, together, they walked toward the sofa.Matthew couldn't believe this innocent nymphet was really happening. Here he was, in his own house, his first time truly alone with Raymond, and not only was he already making some progress with Raymond romantically, but Raymond was initiating most of it! Unable to readily accept his good fortune, Matthew struggled to keep hold of his sanity as Ray softly pushed Matthew onto the couch, using his own body to guide him. As one, they sank into the cushions, Matthew in Ray's lap, facing him. To Matthew's delight, Ray reached up and slid Matthew's glasses off. Despite the fact that Raymond's visage was now slightly blurred, Matthew could picture it so well in his mind's eye that it hardly mattered."Is it okay if ..." Matthew leaned in, somewhat tentatively, unsure whether Ray really wanted this."Please." Ray's eyes were full of his wanting. Raw emotions and untamed cravings festered and smoldered within their blue vibrancy.With his attenuate hands, Matthew possessed himself of Ray's face. Using his fingers, he explored the texture and contours of Ray's velvety cheeks. He drew lines around Ray's temples, his lips, his eyes. Ray leaned forward into Matthew's hands, and Matthew leaned forward, too, his chest resting solidly against Ray's. Their lips met, their arms seemed to fit effortlessly around one another's waists. The kiss deepened, their arms tightened, they were melting together, the embrace teen nymphet bbs becoming more and more passionate. Their lips joined tenderly, then harder, then softly again. The variety of pressures was extremely little nymphets links arousing for both of them; it was as though fiery tongues of energy were racing through their bodies.They held each other for an exquisite amount of time, kissing, their hands gradually loosening from one another's waists. Matthew rested his hands on Ray's chest, and Ray reached up and ran his fingers sensuously through Matthew's silky brown hair. The feeling of Raymond's fingers on his scalp was almost nude nymphet streaming intoxicating to Matthew; he moaned ukrainian nymphetts against Ray's mouth, and felt his body collapsing into Ray's even more. At the same moment, he decided to experiment with something he'd been longing to do for what seemed like a lifetime. He affectionately parted his own lips, and allowed his tongue to lightly nudes nymphets dart across Ray's still-closed mouth. He waited, preparing to scrupulously assess Ray's nymphet nude models reaction.To Matthew's astonishment and joy, he felt Ray's lips opening beneath his own, condoning the entrance of his tongue. Carefully, Matthew permitted his tongue to breach Ray's lips. Their tongues slid over nymphette 12 jpg and around one another, intertwining and tangling around each other in young nymphets pics a dance that was all their own. The boys couldn't believe the amazing reactions the contact between their tongues was creating.They stayed like that, kissing and exploring, until Matthew, coming up for air, gasped, "Can we go to my room?""I'd like that." Ray took Matthew's hand once again, and they stood up together.Hand in hand, they almost glided up the stairs into Matthew's cozy bedroom. Raymond shut the door behind them, with a click that indicated the site de nymphets finality of the situation.Matthew sat down on the bed, and Ray sat beside him. Their hands found one another in the darkness (neither had bothered to turn on a light), and their fingers laced together automatically."This is so ... amazing," Matthew said."I know. I ... I really like you, Matthew."Matthew gazed at Ray's silhouette, cloaked in darkness. His eyes seemed to glow like vivid dark nymphets portals pinpricks of brightness in the pitch-black. "You do?" he whispered.Ray didn't answer in words. He sprawled back upon the coverlet, drawing Matthew down beside him. Their lips sought one another again; lying together on their sides, facing one another, they shared another extensive kiss.When the kiss ended, Matthew drew Ray close, and held him there, reveling in the knowledge that Ray's body, so warm and soft and alive, was pressed as tightly as could be against his own. Lying together on Matthew's bed, they embraced, hearts pounding, foreheads resting together, hands entwined in one young nymphet thong another's hair.When their arms eventually unclasped, Matthew stood and crossed to the dresser inside his half-open closet. "I'm going to get into my pajamas. Did you bring some?"Ray nymphet lingerie looked up at him, seemingly lost in his own thoughts. "What? Oh, um, no. pics nymphets nude I forgot."Matthew reached into a drawer and tossed Ray one of his own T-shirts. Ray held it against his face. He peeked over the neckline at Matthew. "It smells like you," he pronounced, and smiled.Matthew blushed, grabbed another T-shirt for himself, and then returned to the bed. He sat beside Raymond, who was still lying spreadeagled on the bedspread.Matthew started to remove his shirt, but Ray reached up, simultaneously restraining and gently captivating lollipops nymphets his hands. The boys paused, taking time to trace one another's knuckles and fingers. "I'll do that for you," Raymond said finally. He swiftly but tenderly reached under the hem of Matthew's free nymphets gallery shirt and ran his hands and fingers over the soft, sensitive skin of Matthew's chest. There was something incredibly erotic about Ray reaching beneath his clothes in order to touch him, and luvely nymphets Matthew was unable to stifle the primal moan that issued from his lips. Ray smiled, and pulled off Matthew's shirt. He gazed in awe russian nymphets nn at Matthew's chest, then leaned forward enough to press his face against it. Before long, Matthew's fingers were straying helplessly toward the buttons on Ray's shirt. Before too long, Raymond's shirt was off, and both boys were resting, bare from the waist up, on Matthew's bed, investigating ukrainian angels nymphets pictures one another's chests with eyes, hands and lips alike."Forget pajamas," Ray said, "let's just sleep shirtless. It's much more ... entertaining. I'll just keep my boxers on."Matthew shrugged, a roguish grin tugging at his lips. elite nymphets toplist "Fine by me. I might get nymphet drunk cold, though; I tend to.""I'll keep you warm," Ray breathed."Ahhh," Matthew sighed, exhilaration evident in his tone."I do want a shower, though," Raymond said. "I always take one before bed. Hey, I know!" His eyes danced merrily. "What do you think of this: let's get in some swim trunks and shower together!""Ahhh! Yes!" was Matthew's only reply. He ran to his closet nymphets love top again, tossed Ray an extra pair of trunks, and then ducked out of the room and into his bathroom to change. He stuck his head around the door frame and called to Ray, who lsm nymphets list came bounding in."Keep the light off," Ray advised in a low purr, smiling knowingly.Matthew turned on the shower to warm it up, and paused free underage nude nymphet to examine Ray's appearance in the trunks. "Sex on a dish" was really the only way to describe him."It should be warm enough now," Matthew said. He took Ray's hand, and together, they stepped into the shower, young porn pedo nymphets closing the sliding glass door behind them.It was somewhat of a tight fit, but they didn't mind.Immediately, Matthew noted the water droplets pouring down Raymond's muscular shoulders. They looked so slick and inviting; Raymond's shoulders were like highly charged magnets pulling his fingers. The skin of Ray's chest seemed to coruscate in nymphet porno the darkness. His biceps bulged.Matthew reached out, and enveloped nymphet sex illegal Ray in an embrace. Unintentionally, the boys had backed into a corner. Pressed against the shower wall, with water beating down upon them, their faces and tongues again united. best little nymphet The wet bodies nymphet heaven huddled closely, and they could sense each body part matching: chest to chest, hip to his ....At long last, Raymond withdrew from the embrace, and reached for the bar of soap. He lathered up a washcloth, and then, holding it in one hand, cupped Matthew's chin with the other, and, smiling seductively, began to wash Matthew's upturned face. Not wasting any time, Matthew grabbed another washcloth, lathered it with the fragrant sweet nymphet models soap, and wrapped his nymphet ranchi fingers around Ray's chin, angling his face so he could see what he was doing. Matthew watched, transfixed, as suds frothed from Ray's chin, fell down to his pale throat, and cascaded down his chest in glistening arcs. The bubbles sparkled and mixed, fanning and spreading before Matthew's eyes. There was something insanely arousing about seeing Ray's free ukraine nymphet bbs muscular body enveloped in sheets of water and rivulets of slippery soap. The sheen of steam that sat on his brow was also extremely tempting to touch. It was all driving Matthew crazy.As if the visions weren't enough, there was the physical hardcore nymphets no popups presence of Ray's hands, which had now left Matthew's face, and were now rubbing his sample petite nymphets arms and shoulders rhythmically with the washcloth. Raymond was moaning, obviously not missing the sensuality of watching Matthew being covered in soap. Presently, Raymond dropped the cloth and let his soapy hands race over Matthew's entire body.Both nymphets nude erotic boys took considerably longer than necessary washing one another. When the bubbles had all melted away down the drain, they stood, just staring at one another, the water raining from their bodies, the steam gushing from the nymphets 14year shower. Matthew nymphet top list index reached for the bottle russian nymphets nude artistic of shampoo, and began to massage it nymphette sex links into Raymond's scalp, relishing the saturated feel of Raymond's locks of curly blond hair sifting between his fingers. Molding Raymond's tresses into tiny, soapy golden plumes, Matthew thought he had never been this excited in his life.Ray was now washing Matthew's hair. The feeling of the shampoo raining down his back and chest while Ray's hands roamed over his head was so erotic that Matthew little nymphets foto free thought his knees youhg nymphets might give out any second, spilling him onto the mpdel nymphet shower floor at Ray's feet. Although this wouldn't have been a complete nymphet ass pics disappointment, he thought it best to remain standing upright, and did his best to reign in his excitement. This was made much more difficult, however, when Ray's hands left his head and moved to his chest. Ray's soapy fingers skated over the smooth concavities of Matthew's chest, exploring. nymphets modell Ray then began tracing small circles, first gently, then more forcefully, then gently again. younger nymphet free pics Matthew thought he might succumb to Raymond's wishes--whatever they were--in a moment, should Raymond happen to ask. He clung to Raymond to remain standing.All too soon, the boys exited the shower, their trunks streaming. They exchanged the trunks for towels, which they draped around their waists, only because they felt it nymphette young was compulsory to do so.Matthew photo nymphets top 50 ran to his room and changed into his pictures naked nymphets boxers. He climbed into his warm, familiar bed and pulled the blankets up to child nymphets underage his chin, just as Ray came into the room in nothing but boxers, his towel in his hand. Ray gave his damp hair a run-through with the towel, and then cast it aside and slid under the covers beside Matthew.Both sighed with american fucking nymphets infinite free nymphet clips contentment.In the light that filtered into the bedroom from the hall, Matthew could just make out the happiness kindling in Raymond's expression. His cheeks were flushed, his blue eyes flitted around the room ukranian nymphets pictures with a fevered buoyancy Matthew had never nymphet russian before seen. His blond hair, poised in a corona around his lit face, seemed, again, to call Matthew's hands, his touch, his caress.Raymond settled close to Matthew, and Matthew leaned his nymphets boys incest head against Raymond's shoulder. Raymond stroked Matthew's hand; with his free hand, Matthew reached masha russian nymphet up and touched Raymond's wavy nymphettes kids hardcore locks. Raymond huddled closer to Matthew for warmth and affection. Their lips sought one another, and they held the embrace."You know," Raymond girl nymphet pics biz said, as they settled back on the pillows, their fingers interlocked, their shoulders pressed solidly together, "I would go anywhere with you, Matthew. Just to stay with you." He reached over and touched various nymphets and old locations on the World Map that hung on Matthew's wall. "I'd go here, and here, and here." He turned away naked nymphets from the map and back toward Matthew, who was watching him intently, hanging on his every word. "If only I knew you'd be with me, I would go to the ends nude russian nymphs of the Earth with you, Matthew." He reached out for Matthew, something resembling vulnerability raging in his sky-colored eyes.The boys relaxed on their backs, their hands still linked between them. After awhile, Matthew's eyes began to close. He reached out and gently ran his fingers along Ray's jawline. "This has been the most amazing night of my life.""Same here," Ray said, reaching out. With a feather-light touch, he skimmed his fingers across Matthew's eyes, closing them, fingering the long lashes. "Go to sleep now. I'll see you in my dreams."Matthew nodded. "Same here," he echoed.They kissed one last time: a long, exquisite kiss with all the trimmings. Then, arms wrapped about one another, and bodies warmed with love pressed sensuously together, the two teens drifted into blissful slumbers.
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